Protouch are a manufacturing company that specialise in the distribution of touch screen products. They've been delivering complete end-to-end self service kiosk solutions for more than a decade and have worked with some of the biggest public and private sector brands in Europe and internationally.

I’ve been working as a part-time freelancer with them for 7 years as a 3D modeller, texture and lighting artist. I use 3D Studio Max with a V-Ray render engine to output renderings for kiosk and touch screen products. Adobe creative suite is also used to add graphics to these products and to fine tune the final render.

The renderings are either used for catalogue or client concept imagery. The goal for each is always to achieve a realistic accurate visual that makes the brand advertised look polished and professional.


Protouch XEN X6 Open
[1] Protouch XEN X6 Open

The XEN payment kiosks are a range of 3 indoor kiosks with multiple ways for the customer to pay for a service. You'll find these kiosks as self-service in supermarkets, councils, entertainment venues, airports, health clubs etc.

The catalogue imagery is shown in the Protouch website products section or on print for customer catalogues.

Protouch were enhancing the product viewing section of their website and wanted to refresh and update the look of their own range of kiosk visuals (see above) to match the style of the website. We worked together to create a new laminate design for the front of the kiosks from which new high specification renders were made of each product.

[2] Protouch.co.uk Products Page

Products Page

The existing visuals for XEN range on the products page of the website were replaced with the new.

Protouch XEN X6 Open
[3] Protouch.co.uk Product Overview Page

Overview Page

Displayed left, you can see how the new kiosk visuals are currently being used on the products overview pages of the website. The overview pages of each product include a new slider function which allows the customer to scroll through different configurations on that particular kiosk.

I used 3D Studio Max to separately render out the kiosk and configuration plates. I then used Photoshop to edit and bring the two renders together to create one effective visual. I applied this to every kiosk configuration.

I’m showcasing this project because I feel it’s one of my best creative achievements. The goal was to bring a new design which uses the pre-existing company identity in terms of colour and style whilst also ensuring the product remains eye-catching for the customer. After which, applying this design to a range of 3D modeled kiosks and rendering using V-Ray, subsequently producing photo-realistic results.

I’ve utilised my design skills to successfully work with the brand and reach the desired result the client had set out in their brief.


The concept imagery is

Other work for Protouch can include creating visuals for clients interested in seeing their branding on the product. This could be that they want to see their branding on an existing Protouch branded kiosk or they want a new model of kiosk designed to their specification.

The ‘MetroBus’ payment kiosk is one of my most recent designs. MetroBus wanted a new model of kiosk built which caters to the idea of have two large monitors to display bus timetables and ticket selection. Working from a few brief sketches and a list of specifications I’ve created the sleek and modern design you see.