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Chloe Reynolds is a Gloucester-based Christian singer songwriter. She came to me for a complete website overhaul. With herself growing as a brand she felt it was necessary to give her website a re-design.

My role as a freelancer was to cover all bases that this project needed, including UX/Web Design and developing the front and back-end.

The end goal is to produce a modern, brand reflected website with a clear and simple payment process, which is user friendly and trust worthy for the intended user.


Chloe Reynolds Previous Website
[1] Previous Website

The first problem was of design. The existing monotone blog style website didn’t represent the brand. The attempt to be user friendly was clear in Chloe’s imagery and text but not in the web design.

Another problem was understanding the outsourced payment system for Chloe’s products on the old website and how this can be merged to keep it all on one website.

With these problems comes trust issue's for the user. Without a clear brand throughout and being redirected when buying products the user won't want to stay on the website nor spend their money.


Chloe Reynolds Shop
[2] Chloe Shop

Chloe has a range of products to feature on the new website. She wanted to drive sales by keeping the products and payment process on one website as opposed to using a third-party as the previous site did. The benifit of this is the user will feel that their payment is dealt with more securely, professionaly and keep the user from losing their focus on the site. Chloe will also save money from paying the third party website to host her products.


E-commerce Website Development
[3] E-commerce Process

Brand consistency was a big challenge. Making the site feel like one big design was important as this will build further trust with the user, especially with the option of subscribing and buying products.

The e-commerce process was also challenging as it's an aspect I haven't added to a website before. Research and development with this helped me build the understanding I needed to create a successfull e-commerce design.


Chloe Reynolds Existing Stage and Album Cover Art photos
[4] Chloe Imagery Collage

I looked at current trends in website design and websites incorporating e-commerce.

Chloe supplied me with some incredible images from previous stage performances and album cover art. These photos weren't being utilised on the old website and they really needed to be shouted about. This led me to start looking at existing websites using background images in the design.

In Chloe's images I also found repetition with the colour and style being used. These are a reflection of Chloe's brand and can be implented into the design of the website and towards the 'brand consistency'.


Chloe is a modern Christian singer songwriter, encouraging a modern audience to follow her. With a modern user the design needs to go with a modern direction. Large qualitative images to show the "wow" effect and create a reason to stay longer and discover more about the business and brand.

Clear open spaces, with smooth and straightforward design. Keep it minimalistic with more images and videos instead of text. Modern audiences respect and seek transparency, simplicity, and honesty. The online shop shouldn't hide the prices, they should be as visable as possible. As a modern design it's crucial the website is adaptive and works on mobile devices.


Chloe Reynolds Shop
[6] Wireframe

From the analysis into the first real concrete visuals for the website, I created the wireframes along with Chloe to insure the communication is clear about how the features will function.

The process allowed me to push the usability to the forefront in showcasing page layouts at their core and point out flaws in the site architecture or how a specific feature may work.

The products page for example has an initial 8 products, but in 6 months Chloe may have 100 products and the site will need to handle this content growth. The wireframe was amended to incorporate a navigation bar for the product pages, each holding a limited 16 products.


Andrew Reynolds homepage Andrew Reynolds homepage Andrew Reynolds homepage